The secret of this life

One day, God and a true believer were walking through a vast desert. The believer turned to God and said, “O God , what is the secret of this life and the appearance of this world?” (Why did you make this world?)

God smiled and did not reply. They continued walking. Allah finally said. “Oh child, the sun is very hot today, & I am thirsty. Ahead you will find a village. Go there and fetch me a cup of water.”

Arriving at the village, the believer approached the first house he saw & knocked on the door. A beautiful young woman answered him. The moment the he looked into her eyes he forgot God’s command, & the reason of his mission.

The lady took him into the house, where he was warmly welcomed by her family. They offered him food & insisted him to stay there for the night. He gladly accepted it. Enjoying the family’s warm hospitality, & secretly admiring the young lady, he completely forgot about God’s command.

After living there for a month, the he decided to stay on, and he soon began to participate in the household chores. After a few months, he proposed to get married to the young lady. The family wholeheartedly accepted the proposal and the marriage was successfully held.

He & his young wife settled down in her family’s house, where she soon gave birth to three children, two sons and a daughter.

Years passed on like this. When his wife’s parents died, he took over as head of the family. He opened a small shop in the village & in no time it even prospered. Before long he became an honored citizen of the community & a prominent member of the town council. Giving himself up to the age-old joys & sorrows of village life, he lives happily for many years.

Then one evening during the monsoon season a violent storm occurred, and the river rose so high from the sudden rains, that the village began to flood. He gathered his family & sent them all towards higher ground. But the winds blew so violently & the rainwater flowed down with such a force that one of his son was washed away. Slowly the storm washed away his full family leaving him helplessly alone. Looking at the sky, but his cries were drowned by a towering wave that rose from the depths of the terrible night and washed him headlong into the river.

All went black. Many days passed like this. Slowly and painfully he came to his senses, only to discover that he had been washed onto a sand bank, far down the river. It was daytime now, & the storm had passed, but there was no sign of his family anywhere, nor any living creature.

For a long time he stay lying on the sand almost mad with sorrow. Bits of wreckage float past him in the river. The smell of death was on the wind. Everything had been taken from him now and all things life-giving and precious had disappeared into the swirling waters. There was little to do, it seemed, but weep.

Then suddenly, he heard a voice behind him that made the blood in his veins stop. “Child,” the voice asked, “where is my cup of water?”

He turned and saw God standing at his side. The river vanished, & once again he and God are alone in the empty desert.

“Where is my water?” God asked again. “I have been waiting for you to bring it now for several minutes.” The believer threw himself at God ‘s feet & begged for forgiveness. “I forgot!” he cries again and again. “I forgot what you asked of me, Oh God ! Forgive me!”

God smiled & said, “Now do you understand the secret behind your life, & the appearance of this world!” “I didn’t make this world, but you lost yourself in the world while your way to heaven.”

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