”Pearls of Wisdom”

We are born with 2 eyes in front because
we must not always look behind,
but see what lies ahead beyond ourselves……

We are born with 2 ears– one left, one right,
so we can hear both sides, collect both
the compliments and criticisms,
to see which are right…….

We are born with a brain concealed in a skull
that no matter how poor we are, we are still rich,
for no one can steal what our brain contains……….

We are born with 2 eyes, 2 ears, but 1 mouth,
for the mouth is a sharp weapon. It can hurt,
flirt, & even kill……….

Remember our motto is to:
Talk less, & listen & see more……..

We are born with only one heart, deep in our ribs.
It reminds us to appreciate & give love from deep within…….

To handle yourself, use your head;
And To handle others, use your heart……….

One response to “WISDOM

  1. it’s very2 true 🙂
    thanks for the enlightement 🙂
    visit my site if you have time


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