Yesterday is “History”, Tomorrow is “Mystery”, Today is the Gift of God, that is why it is known as “PRESENT.


So friends are you really enjoying this gift of god, “The Present” or are You still waiting for the “Right Time to Come” or that special day .. to come.


How often we keep on waiting for the “Right Time” –

To do something special…

To give something special…..

To say something special to somebody special…..

and realize that is too late.


Are you saving something for the special occasion??? But who knows whether you will be Present for that “Special Occasion”? 


To give you all an example, during my training of Time Management Program in one of the organizations, I came across a Manager who appeared very busy and stressed out. I asked, Sir, why are you working so hard? He replied for my Family, for my sons. I asked, how much time do you give to your family and your sons? For a moment he paused and replied, every Sunday 1 hour – quality time. I asked, but sir, your sons need quantity too, what about more time to your family and he smiled and replied “I have planned for my retirement”, “I will be there all the time for them after my retirement.” To this I inquired further, “Sir, What if you retire from this world, before you retire from your job???”, won’t you feel regretted that you did not spend quantity time with your sons and family.


Friends, I’m not saying lavish out and freak out totally, but at least enjoy the life your love to live. But why compromise – when you can afford something today, why wait for the special day..


So friends, ask this question to your self today, “Am I living the life I love to live, am I spending my time, money and energy in the right direction today or am I waiting for some special day….the right time to come.”


Here is a brief list of some thing we keep waiting to do on that special day..


Saying  “I Love You” to  our near and dear ones

Saying “Sorry” to whom we have hurt or asking for forgiveness

Going on that dream trip or vacation

Eating out the food that I cherish the most

Spending time with loved ones

Playing that game or sports I love so  much

Spending time on my hobby

Starting a new venture – business

Please do add to the list if required……



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