Ants Swarming around our minds…………….

It’s a scientific fact:

You’ve got 45,000 of them a day.


Swarming around in your mind.

And these types of ANTS literally eat you alive.

…….. . . They destroy your dreams

…….. . . make you see Goblins out of every shadow

…….. . . instill fear and rejection in your heart

……. . . and prevent you from the inborn greatness your Creator destined you to discover inside yourself.

What are these ANTS?

They are your

A utomatic

N egative

T houghts

ANTS is a term coined by Dr. Daniel Amen, a world-renowned psychiatrist and brain imaging specialist.

To prevent our minds from ANTS only one medicine was prescribed by GOD. Keep yourself calm and follow the path of GOD.

One response to “SCIENTIFIC FACT

  1. I dunno. I quite like ants. 🙂

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